Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following documentation to answer any questions you may have about haggle it™. If you still have questions you can easily contact us.

Q: How does it work?

A: It’s simple… Install haggle it™ on your product pages and wait for the interaction. Check your haggle it™ dashboard to see all your current and past haggles.

The Haggle Process
haggle it™ is a seller's dream. It’s a new way of generating leads and sales

Q: Why does it work?

A: E-commerce sites have an average cart abandonment rate of 55% to 75%. Here are a few reasons online shoppers leave without finalizing the purchase:


haggle it™ starts the conversation with the buyer and seller and allows the buyer the experience to name their price. When consumers have control over their purchase price, they are more likely to:

haggle it™ enhances the customers experience and brings life to your online store - More importantly, haggle it™ can help you grow your business.

Q: How user friendly is haggle it™?

A: Its simple - haggle it™ is self-hosted, which means you as the seller will not have to maintain, update or install any updates or software. Our solution allows the buyer and seller to haggle it™ from any reliable internet connection.

Sales Support

Our Sales Team is available to answer any and all related questions. Contact us

Service Support

During the implementation process, our support team can chat and provide support to guarantee a seamless installation. The sales process should be simple and that is how we have created haggle it™.

Q: How customizeable is haggle it™?

A: haggle it™ has been designed to fit most major e-commerce platforms. In addition to these platforms, haggle it™ can be used on static sites, blogs, etc… Be creative and market your products with haggle it™. Installing haggle it™ enables you to expand and market your products with a new way of doing business and “Get the price you want”.

Q: How secure is haggle it™?

A: haggle it™ provides SSL certified hosting for all credit card transactions. We are fully PCI compliant, and use the latest in encryption methods to protect your data. With haggle it™ you have nothing to worry about.

Q: How easy is installation?

A: haggle it™ takes less time to install than other solutions and is easily customized. Offering several haggle it™ buttons to support the look and feel of your organizations site.

haggle it™ code is located in your dashboard and will need to be copied and pated in your web pages. You can use our default Website Integration or have a custom one created according to your needs. Custom coding is not part of the standard package, this option can be quoted by one of our developers.

Q: How am I notified of an offer?

A: Both the buyer and seller will be notified through email. The email will link to your haggle it™ dashboard where you can manage your haggles.

Q: How do I import my products?

A: The seller has their own dashboard where they can enter their products, which will link to the script you install on your site.

Q: Once both parties have agreed to a price, how is the transaction processed?

A: The seller provides their bank account information when signing up. Once the price has been accepted, the buyer is asked to provide payment details. Once paid, the funds are deposited to the specified bank account.

Q: Who uses haggle it™?

A: Anyone who has a website with a product and/or service to sell can use “haggle it”. haggle it™ has been designed to generate additional sales by opening up a dialog.

Q: How do I get people to haggle it™?

A: haggle it™ offers the buyer an opportunity to name their own price which can help increase sales. You can promote haggle it™ on your site which can create interest in an offer.

Q: What are the terms of haggle it™?

A: You can read the terms and conditions here and the privacy policy here.